As the dialogue around diversity in America continues to evolve, Havas Chicago’s annual #BLACKATWORK lobby installation puts the experiences of people of color at the forefront of the conversation.

In 2018, Havas Chicago launched #BLACKATWORK: The Pursuit, a 70s-inspired game show that gave participants a glimpse into the experiences of professional Black women. As participants embarked on the climb to corporate leadership, they were confronted with biases and microaggressions many Black women face every day. This immersive and experiential activation jumpstarted a conversation on the nuanced realities of professionals at the intersection of race and gender.

The buzz around The Pursuit led to a partnership with the 3% Conference, deepening the discussion on race and gender. Designing a 30’ x 25’8’ labyrinth — #BLACKATWORK presents: I Can’t Hear You, You’re Black —Havas immersed conference guests into the various experiences that many professional Black women face. As guests explored the maze, they found themselves inside dead-end rooms that shined a light on topics ranging from physical agency, visibility to wage disparity.

Garnering over 9 million media impressions, Havas’ 2018 activations sparked a national conversation and challenged everyone to own their role in pursuing equality for all.