Refresh the Feed

Over the years, social media has devolved from a virtual haven where people connect with friends and loved ones to a hotbed for trolls, fake news and anxiety-inducing conflict. Coca-Cola’s brand values are about connection, bringing people together and optimism. In a time when the digital landscape has gotten more negative, Coca-Cola wanted to make a change in social and consistently bring their optimistic POV to life in social.

Coca-Cola shocked followers by clearing its entire Instagram and leaving cryptic messages on all of their social media channels. Then, on World Kindness Day, the brand relaunched, posting ninety-nine unique pieces of content across social channels spreading optimism, love, and positivity. Some of social media’s most influential artists joined the #RefreshTheFeed movement as well, adding their unique voice to the cause.

The work spread quickly, receiving earned media coverage from several publications including NPR and even taking over Coca-Cola’s Times Square billboard for two weeks. The reaction to this flood of optimism? In one word –– big.

‘Refresh the Feed’ Times Square

Coca-Cola was able to “own” #WorldKindnessDay, garnering more than 69 million impressions in one day and doubling positive conversation about the brand, leading to 1.4 million engagements. We also drove consumers to for more information and shareable #RefreshTheFeed content. In one day, visits to the brand’s website were 600% higher than average. Conversation from our community has also more than doubled since our relaunch.

Not only was the #RefreshTheFeed relaunch a chance to bring to life Coca-Cola’s strategy to life and solidify the brand as the most optimistic voice in social media; it was a chance to spread positivity and do our part to make the internet a kinder, happier place to scroll.